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22 Things You're Doing Instead Of Studying

SUDDENLY SO MANY THINGS. (Actually – 23, because you're reading this.)

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22. Dancing to an absolutely perfect Pandora radio station.


It’s almost rude not to honor it with a dorm dance session.

21. Resting in your bed, which has gotten extra comfy all of a sudden.

20. Wait. Your shows. Are you caught up on your shows?!

19. Comforting friends who are having study-crises.


Because you're a decent human being, that's why.

18. Cultivating skills you don’t have.


YouTube tutorials are of utmost importance.

17. Scrolling through tumblr. Infinitely.


16. Beating your high score in every game ever.


Crush the candy. Crush it.

15. Trying all the Pinterest things.

14. Thinking about the vast terror of the future.

13. Hitting the gym for the first time all semester. Good idea.

12. Cleaning. It needs to happen, ASAP.


Never mind that it never really mattered until RIGHT. NOW.

11. Online shopping therapy.




Nobody saw that coming.

9. Writing letters to ten to twenty of your most intimate friends from middle school.


Now is as good a time as any, right?

8. Realizing that there a lot of cats on the Internet.


An endless stream, really.

7. Dinner!

6. You get an idea: you can prepare to start studying. Make flashcards!

5. Realizing that if you're really going to do this, you need coffee.

4. Somehow ending up on YouTube and HOW ARE PEOPLE SO GOOD AT PING PONG?!

3. Pausing to think about your life and your accomplishments.


You want to be good at something, too. It's probably too late for ping pong.

2. You know what you need to do.

1. And the studying begins.


And you’re smart, so you use Boundless to make up for the time you wasted earlier.

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