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    11 Somewhat Strange, But Mostly Awesome College Mascots

    College mascots serve as a representative caricature of a school, and we love whatever these mascots are trying to tell us. Check out this list of cool, unique, and slightly bizarre mascots.

    1. University of Delaware: Blue Hens

    This smurf-chicken hybrid is the state bird of Delaware, so it makes a little sense. A little. Then again, Delaware native Aubrey Plaza admits, "Delaware is so fucking weird, but so great."

    2. St. Louis University: Billikens

    This elfish creature came to an art teacher in a dream, and she proceeded to make bank selling him as a good luck charm worldwide. SLU adopted the mascot because (supposedly) one of their athletic coaches looked like a Billiken.

    3. University of California, Santa Cruz: Banana Slugs

    Students voted for this slug mascot to mock the attention that university athletics receive. School officials overthrew the vote in favor of a sea lion mascot, but student rage got the slug back. (Also, John Travolta wears a banana slug shirt in Pulp Fiction.)

    4. Concordia College: Cobbers

    The school mascot description calls the Cobber a "snarling (though friendly) ear of corn," which is probably the best dichotomy ever. And speaking of produce...

    5. Scottsdale Community College: Fighting Artichokes

    This mascot shares a similar story with previously mentioned UCSC. Students voted on the vegetable mascot and had to fight the administration to keep it. Now it's been accepted (and eaten) happily by all.

    6. University of North Carolina School of Art: Fighting Pickles


    We can't begin to explain how awesome the story of the UNCSA pickle is. Wouldn't it be cute if they called freshmen cucumbers?

    7. Syracuse University: Orange

    Syracuse's color is orange, and the character that represents Syracuse is a big orange named Otto. Yes, like the citrus fruit. Syracuse appreciates logic.

    8. Centenary College: Ladies and Gentlemen

    Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you: Ladies and Gentlemen! This is just such a classy-sounding mascot name.

    9. Evergreen State College: Geoducks

    Get this: A geoduck is not a duck, but a type of mollusk! A huge, moderately freaky-looking one at that. Because Evergreen has such a funky mascot, they have an equally funky fight song that deserves some attention.

    10. State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry: Acorns

    The first ever nationally registered historic tree is at SUNY-ESF, and it is said to have grown out of an acorn. Their mascot Oakie the Acorn is an adorable little — um, big — guy.

    11. Purdue University: Boilermakers

    Boilermakers produce steel fabrications, so it makes complete sense that Purdue would have this mascot in this day and age. Better still is their mascot named Boilermaker Special, who is a train (think Thomas).

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