10 Weird Facts That Make You Want To Visit These Colleges

Every college has a history, but these schools have quirks that make them stand out among many. Is your school on the list?

1. Louisiana State University

What do you know about school spirit? At LSU, the crowd’s cheers during a 1988 football game actually registered as an earthquake on a nearby seismograph.

2. Boston University

Students in Boston University’s dorm Kilachand Hall are haunted by the ghost of Eugene O’Neill, American playwright. He died on the fourth floor when the building was a hotel.

3. University of Iowa

The University of Iowa was the first public school in the country to equally admit men and women. Go Iowa!

4. University of Texas at Austin

Ever seen an albino squirrel? UT Austin students catch glimpses of them all around campus. A school legend claims that if you see one on the way to an exam, you’ll get an A.

Does seeing an albino squirrel save you money on textbooks, too? No, but Boundless does.

5. UMass Amherst

You like libraries? Well, you have to visit the tallest library in the U.S., on UMass Amherst campus. The building is 26 floors high!

6. University of Oregon

All college campuses are littered with trees, but they’re usually simple earthly trees. At Oregon, there is a “Moon Tree” that is grown from a seed that has orbited the moon.

7. New York University

The NYU dental school offered the first “dental bus” in the city, which provided care to areas that did not often get such service. Smile on, NYC.

8. University of Minnesota

Any Sherlock fans out there? U Minnesota has the world’s largest collections of Sherlock Holmes literature and memorabilia in their library.

9. University of Arizona

It’s really a shame that we don’t have more historic wads of gum chewed by outlaws in our nation’s museums. At least (if you’re into that sort of thing) you can find some of John Dillinger’s gum in a jar in the School of Pharmacy.

10. Penn State University

In 1978, Jerry Greenfield took a correspondence course in ice-cream making with PSU. Who is that? Why, Jerry. As in, Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. All the points go to PSU for making that happen. All of them.

What weird facts will get us to visit your school? Let us know in the comments.

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