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10 People You'll Meet Living In Freshman Dorms

You’re excited to move in to your first-ever dorm. Here’s who to expect.

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1. The Terrible Singer

There’s that guy that thinks he’s doing the whole floor a favor with constant serenades. He is actually making you question and curse the invention of all guitars. He sounds like a wounded, emotionally-needy cat.

2. The Passive-Aggressive Note Writer


At first you’re like, “Why yes, Anonymous-With-Orange-Sticky-Notes, it is kind of annoying when people leave their hairbrushes on the sink!” But then the notes show up everywhere and the snark stops being funny. Show your face, hater!

3. The Girl Who Can't Actually Be That Nice


She leaves candy at everyone’s door on holidays, holds the elevator door even when she’s running late, and strikes up a perfectly cheery conversation every time you bump into each other. People aren’t actually that nice... right?

4. The Person With Way Too Many Textbooks


You might walk into their room and think your floormate isn’t home, but you should peek around a few stacks of books first. They’ll turn up, sore back and all. (They really should just use Boundless online textbooks instead.)

5. The Long Distance Girlfriend/Boyfriend


Always crying over a text, arguing on the phone, or rushing home for a Skype date. Until about a month into the semester when suddenly – they’re not. Don’t worry, they’ll move on by November.

6. The Free Tutor


The poor kid is always surrounded by a small crowd because nobody else understands the material. She's really good at explaining it, though – and she sets the curve anyway, so it’s okay.

7. The Girl Who Must Be A Spy Or Something


Because you rarely see her, but when you do she’s sprinting down the hallway in all black or disappearing behind doors you never noticed before.

8. The Gym Star


He’s constantly glistening in... oil? sweat? and always has a gym bag on him. You’re pretty sure he doesn’t own any shirts with sleeves. You also don’t think he ever goes to class.

9. The Feuding Besties


They’re roommates, of course, but they kind of hate each other. And love each other. You have to keep away from both of them for fear that you’ll accidentally be taking sides by smiling at one.

10. The Coolest People Ever


Don’t worry. Your first dorm community will be quirky, loud, and occasionally annoying... but you’ll meet some of your best friends there. And that makes listening to the awful wails of The Terrible Singer worth it. (Just barely.)

Who else did you encounter in your freshman dorm?

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