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    10 College Dining Hall Dishes That Make You Want To Transfer Schools

    College dining halls aren’t all mystery meat and fried foods. These school dining halls and their dishes are going above and beyond the norm.

    10. Brigham Young University Provo - Worm and Dirt Sundae


    A killer combo of deliciousness. Plus: BYU’s Creamery features awesome ice cream flavors like caramel cashew and graham canyon.

    9. Washington University - Mini Deep Dish Pizza


    SO. CUTE.

    8. Wheaton College - Sushi


    And it’s hand-rolled right in front of you, which probably makes it taste even better.

    7. Bowdoin College - Bowdoin Log


    The famous “Bowdoin Log” is chocolate-covered vanilla ice cream served with fudge and sliced almonds. It’s so beautiful...

    6. Louisiana State University - Steak Dinner


    Let’s be honest, LSU’s best dish is probably their gumbo. But gumbo hardly ever looks as good as it tastes, and this steak dinner looks pretty great too.

    5. University of California at Davis - Cuarto Happy Bowl


    Fresh produce from the student farm makes this dish look amazing. Who wouldn't want to eat this while studying in the dining hall? (And saving money, if they got their textbooks on Boundless.)

    4. Boston University - Lobster


    Annually on Lobster Night, BU students feast on lobster, corn, and potatoes in their dining halls. The lines are – understandably – out the door.

    3. University of California at Los Angeles - Chocolate Mousse Bombes


    These are so pretty that they might be hard to eat – nah, probably not.

    2. Northwestern University - Zucchini Taco


    With tomatillo salsa and queso fresco. Swoon. (Coming in a close Northwestern second – this cookie ice cream sandwich.)

    1. Scripps College - Double Chocolate Kahlua Ravioli


    What?! Seriously, just look over the Scripps dining hall recipes – it’s hard to choose just one dish. We applaud you, Scripps.

    These dining hall dishes are so impressive you might want to transfer schools. Unless you go to these schools, in which case – you're so lucky!

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