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These Are The Most Played Games On Facebook

We wondered which are the most played games on the social network Facebook and I spent a lot of thinking and I searched for the most played games on Facebook. Games rankings change regularly, many games are not much in the charts because of competition, but in Chapter games on Facebook, things are slightly different. So who are the most played games on Facebook? 1. Candy Crush Saga — the most played game on Facebook Candy Crush Saga is the “sweet” game of all time. The game gathers in a month more than 50,000,000 jucatari, it is available in all platforms: Facebook, Android, iOS and Windows Phone, and attempts beta sites for other mobile platforms. 2. Subway Surfers — game that you fall in love from the first jump It is the second most played game on Facebook, but we can guarantee that the game is in the top ten on other platforms such as Android, iOS or Windows. Adventure is a game type and gathers over 10 million monthly players. The game is held by the company kiloo Games. The game is available on multiple platforms, Android, iOS and Windows, and a version of the game on Facebook. 3. Clash of Clans — strategy to a new level Yes, Clash of Clans is one of the most popular and played strategy games. It became popular very quickly and is appreciated by millions of players. The game is available for Android and iOS, I did not check if the game is also available for Windows, but possible. We can enjoy the game on Facebook. The game gathers somewhere over 10 million monthly players. Yes, these are the top three games in games played on social network facebook. The number of players for each game is projected refers only to users who play the game using Facebook.

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