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12 Places To Hide When You Just Can’t Adult Anymore

Sometimes adult-ing is hard. When you just can’t even, sneak into the nearest hiding spot with go90.

1. Under Your Desk

Lie back, go limp, and slide into invisibility. Just be sure to leave your computer on and running so things look "busy."

2. The Service Elevator

Ahhhhhh. Hear that? It's the sound of avoiding awkward elevator talk altogether.

3. The Bathroom, Part 1

Say nothing to no one and make a beeline for your shiny, sanitized oasis in the sky down the hall.

4. A Shower or Bathtub

Tell her you're sorry but you're feeling faint and you need to excuse yourself.

5. The Front Seat of a Cab

Your driver is the only one who gets you.

6. In a Small Closet

Hiding from your problems in closets worked when you were little, so it should work now, right?

7. In a Hoodie

Ignore eye contact at all costs!

8. The Trunk of a Car

Settle in and get cozy back there with the spare tire and all those random leaves.

9. Behind a Wall

Sure, it might not seem like a hiding spot, but it's like when you lose your sunglasses, only to realize they've been on your head the whole time. People never see what's right in front of them.

10. Behind a Plant

This works almost anywhere.

11. Behind Another Person

They'll never find you!

12. Somewhere Far, Far Away

Running can be just as effective as hiding. In fact, it sends a clearer message.

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