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12 Places To Hide When You Just Can’t Adult Anymore

Sometimes adult-ing is hard. When you just can’t even, sneak into the nearest hiding spot with go90.

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1. Under Your Desk


For when your deadline gets bumped up, but you're nowhere near finished, and then your boss comes over to check on you, Office Space-style.

Lie back, go limp, and slide into invisibility. Just be sure to leave your computer on and running so things look "busy."

2. The Service Elevator

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For when you just need to get away from the office, but it's raining, and you don't have an umbrella, so you don't actually want to leave, but you need to.

Ahhhhhh. Hear that? It's the sound of avoiding awkward elevator talk altogether.

3. The Bathroom, Part 1


When you need to break free from expense reports and your deskmate Jackie's incessant open-mouth chewing. CLOSE YOUR MOUTH, JACKIE, JESUS!!!

Say nothing to no one and make a beeline for your shiny, sanitized oasis in the sky down the hall.

4. A Shower or Bathtub


When you're single and at your second cousin's third wife's baby shower and your grandmother starts talking about how many children she had at your age.

Tell her you're sorry but you're feeling faint and you need to excuse yourself.

5. The Front Seat of a Cab

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After a sloppy night out when you've sobered up, but your lovable, obnoxious, very drunk friends are singing horribly off-key in the back.

Your driver is the only one who gets you.

6. In a Small Closet

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When you're trying to choose a health care plan and you have to look at all the different tiers and deductibles and prescription costs and it's all so overwhelming.

Hiding from your problems in closets worked when you were little, so it should work now, right?

7. In a Hoodie


When you run into your you're doing the walk of shame...and you look terrible...and you're missing a shoe...and you smell like whiskey...and they're with their new significant other.

Ignore eye contact at all costs!

8. The Trunk of a Car


When you're on a road trip with your family and you've played the Alphabet Game three times already and no one can agree on where to stop for food and finally your dad picks a place and yells "End of discussion!"

Settle in and get cozy back there with the spare tire and all those random leaves.

9. Behind a Wall


When you accidentally happen upon two co-workers heatedly discussing politics and they ask you to weigh in with your opinion.

Sure, it might not seem like a hiding spot, but it's like when you lose your sunglasses, only to realize they've been on your head the whole time. People never see what's right in front of them.

10. Behind a Plant


Stuck at a boring party? Find a plant. In a terrible meeting? Find a plant. Outside and you just can't stand it? Find a plant.

This works almost anywhere.

11. Behind Another Person

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For when said person is looking for you because they want you to cover for them "on something real quick, so quick, it won't take any time at all," but you've been in this situation before with this person, and you know it won't actually be quick at all.

They'll never find you!

12. Somewhere Far, Far Away


When you've reached your absolute breaking point.

Running can be just as effective as hiding. In fact, it sends a clearer message.

If the struggle is real, go90 for primetime shows, live music, and sports, plus the best of the web.

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