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    9 Products And Gifts For Doctors And Nurses That Basically Bleed Coffee

    Are you a doctor has more coffee breaks than patients? Are you a nurse that wants nothing more than an coffee infusion during your night shift? These 8 products will literally blow your mind. Buy one for yourself or as a gift for the doctor or nurse in your life.

    1. A 'COFFEE STAT' coffee drinking shirt that comes in a jumbo prescription vial and looks exactly like a CVS prescription...

    Pheo Coffee / Via

    ...and makes a statement when you wear it proudly.

    Pheo Coffee / Via

    Via Pheo Coffee for $27

    2. This high end Baratza professional grade burr grinder will put your current dinky grinder to shame.

    Amazon / Via

    Via Amazon for $229

    3. This coffee box with medical themed 'Norepi' coffee because you are nerdy and proud of it...

    Pheo Coffee / Via

    ... and need your coffee to be perfect.

    Pheo Coffee / Via

    via Pheo Coffee for $49

    4. This Hario coffee Kettle, because you need nice things...

    Hario / Via it looks really cool.

    Hario / Via

    Buy one on amazon for $114.64

    5. This heavy-duty, Yetti Tumbler because hospital coffee is about as good as muddy water.

    Yetti / Via

    Get one for $29.99

    6. A Stagg EKG counter kettle, because you like sleek design and don't have time to wait for water to boil.

    Fellow / Via

    Via Fellow for $149

    7. This gorgeous, double walled carafe because it's your hands or your disability policy.

    Fellow / Via

    Via Fellow for $39

    8. This denim apron because you've got freshly dried scrubs on and don't need any coffee spatter right now.

    jbaprons / Via

    via JB Aprons for $84

    9. And this caffeine deficiency medical diagnosis code mug, because you want the world to see your diagnosis and pour the treatment into your cup.

    Pheo Coffee / Via

    via Pheo Coffee for $12.99

    If one of these does not make the perfect gift for a nurse or doctor in your life, then maybe you need another cup of coffee.