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    5 Medical Practices Around The U.S. That Are Changing The Way Healthcare Is Delivered

    With a focus on incredible customer experience, beautiful modern aesthetics and brilliant use of social media, these 5 medical and dental practices around the U.S. have really figured out how to deliver care.

    Surgical Center of Oklahoma

    Surgical Center Oklahoma / Via

    The Surgical Center of Oklahoma offers incredibly transparent, upfront pricing in a move that would only be innovative in healthcare. Instead of getting a bill for 10s of thousands of dollars weeks after you already get your care like most practices do, this surgical center shows customers exactly what they would pay for their surgery before they come in. You can just go on their website and see how much different surgeries would cost. The prices are often times 10x lower than they would be if you went through insurance. They were featured on ReasonTV for this approach to healthcare, and their business is booming.

    Buying a surgery is as easy as shopping on Amazon!

    Surgical Center of Oklahoma / Via

    Their approach is the future of planned medical care. They get patients flying into Oklahoma from all over the world, which is quite the impressive feat.

    Virginia Center for Orthodontics in Arlington, Virginia

    VCO Orthodontics / Via

    Dr Crissy Markova is a Harvard trained orthodontist and founder of VCO orthodontics. They offer braces and Invisalign for Arlington, Virginia and the greater Washington DC area. They have done a spectacular job of creating an impeccable customer experience that can be confirmed by their virtually perfect Google and Yelp reviews. Their treatment plans are incredibly customized which allows them to complete treatment often times 40% faster than an average orthodontist.

    Their office looks like if an Apple store, a dentist's office and an NYC penthouse had a lovechild together.

    VCO Orthodontics / Via

    As soon as you walk into the office, the modern, spotless aesthetic with views of Georgetown and Washington DC can be striking to someone used to seeing file cabinets filled with paper medical charts in manilla folders. They have a rewards case for kids and adults that includes everything from toys to iPads and Kate Spade purses. They also bake delicious, soft chocolate chip cookies multiple times a day.

    After you get your braces off, Dr. Markova does a 'smile reveal' that is pretty touching.

    View this video on YouTube

    Overall, VCO Orthodontics seems like a spectacular place to get braces or Invisalign if you live around Arlington, Virginia.


    Atlas.MD is a direct primary care clinic in Wichita, Kansas takes primary care back to its roots. Instead of relying on insurance companies to pay them for their services, they've taken the billing into their own hands. They offer plans ranging from $10-50 per month in addition to the cost of the supplies used.

    Their costs for labs and services are dramatically lower than you could get if you went directly through a place like lab corps / Via

    $2 for a CBC!? INCREDIBLE. They also have built their own electronic medical record that they license to other physicians who are trying to adopt this model.


    Sherpaa / Via

    Sherpaa is a very impressive "primary care in the cloud" clinic that offers the majority of services a regular primary clinic could offer, except it's all online.

    It was founded by Dr Jay Parkinson MD, an interesting guy and Johns Hopkins trained physician

    Sherpaa / Via

    His idea is based around the fact that over 80% of the most common diagnoses a primary care office sees can be diagnosed either via online chat or by uploading a photo. They have physicians on call in every specialty, and they can often times take your history and send your prescription to the nearest pharmacy without you leaving your couch. Incredibly cool.


    Forward / Via

    Forward is a Silicon Valley take on primary care, and they claim to be "the Doctor's office of the future." They have self checkin, body scans, iPhone app with medical data and analytics. They also offer dramatically less wait times, and up to 60 minutes with your doctor. Their membership is $149 a month, which may be worth it for people who visit their doctor frequently.

    Their waiting areas look like a futuristic space ship

    Forward / Via

    They are based in San Francisco but are expanding to New York City and Washington D.C.