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    5 Medical Practices Around The U.S. That Are Changing The Way Healthcare Is Delivered

    With a focus on incredible customer experience, beautiful modern aesthetics and brilliant use of social media, these 5 medical and dental practices around the U.S. have really figured out how to deliver care.

    Surgical Center of Oklahoma

    Buying a surgery is as easy as shopping on Amazon!

    Virginia Center for Orthodontics in Arlington, Virginia

    Their office looks like if an Apple store, a dentist's office and an NYC penthouse had a lovechild together.

    After you get your braces off, Dr. Markova does a 'smile reveal' that is pretty touching.

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    Overall, VCO Orthodontics seems like a spectacular place to get braces or Invisalign if you live around Arlington, Virginia.


    Atlas.MD is a direct primary care clinic in Wichita, Kansas takes primary care back to its roots. Instead of relying on insurance companies to pay them for their services, they've taken the billing into their own hands. They offer plans ranging from $10-50 per month in addition to the cost of the supplies used.

    Their costs for labs and services are dramatically lower than you could get if you went directly through a place like lab corps


    It was founded by Dr Jay Parkinson MD, an interesting guy and Johns Hopkins trained physician


    Their waiting areas look like a futuristic space ship