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25 Products From GNC That Reviewers Swear By

Sorry, we can’t hear you over the sound of so many satisfied customers.

1. A double-layered nonmedical face mask that'll surprise you not only because it's actually comfortable (*gasps!*), but also because it's so affordable.

The black mask, which has a small red GNC logo in the top left corner

2. A BlenderBottle to mix your protein shakes, smoothies, or supplements pre- or post-workout. It comes with a special BlenderBall that melds your liquids and powders together in seconds, so gritty, chalky drinks are a thing of the past.

The clear BlenderBottle and BlenderBall

3. A ~handy~ alcohol-free hand sanitizer for disinfecting when you're on the go. The best part is that reviewers say it won't dry out your skin.

The hand sanitizer

4. An antimicrobial hand tool so you can avoid touching germ-covered surfaces. Make sure you clean it before you put it back in your bag or pocket so you don't transfer any nasties that may be on it.

5. An aloe vera mist with cooling and moisturizing properties. It contains vitamins C and E, which help hydrate and reduce redness and irritation.

The aloe vera spray

6. An activated charcoal deodorant because it's summer...and you're going to sweat...and it would be really nice if it didn't stink. The activated charcoal should absorb moisture (without any aluminum!) and neutralize any odors so you can lift your arms all you want.

The jar of deodorant

7. A dry skin balm if you suffer from cracked, flaky, red, or inflamed skin. This soothing moisturizer is designed to combat chronic skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis, so you don't have to spend this summer covered up.

The tin

8. An aloe vera moisturizer to replace all the ineffective, overpriced creams in your medicine cabinet that just aren't getting the job done. For less than $3 a tub, this cream is meant to hydrate even the driest skin and helps control the bacteria that causes acne.

The cream

9. A meal prep backpack so you can easily portion meals and snacks into the included food storage containers. No more pouring trail mix into a container for lunch and saying, "Well, I think that's about a cup." Now you'll know exactly how much you're packing.

The lunchbox with six separate containers filled with food

10. A bottle of Thayers witch hazel toner because it'll help hydrate your skin and remove excess oil and dirt *without* stripping it of all its moisture.

The rose petal–scented version of the toner

11. An 3% sulfur acne treatment soap for anyone with breakout-prone skin. Sulfur is meant to absorb excess oil, get rid of dead skin cells, and kill acne-causing bacteria.

The bar of soap

12. A lightweight face moisturizer if you're looking for a cream that won't feel heavy on your skin. This one's made with argan oil to hydrate, rosewater to even skin tone, and shea butter to lock in moisture.

The tube of cream

13. A multipurpose almond oil to do it all: help reduce skin irritation, hydrate your body, and strengthen hair.

The bottle

14. A practical bottle of eucalyptus oil you can use to help clear your sinuses, soothe insect bites, reduce muscle pain and soreness, keep your breath smelling fresh, fight dandruff, and even relieve sunburns.

The bottle

15. A bottle of powerful vitamin E oil that'll help lighten scars and stretch marks, moisturize, strengthen the skin's barrier, and fight free radical damage.

The bottle

16. A biotin shampoo because it's not uncommon to experience more hair loss in the summer and this biotin-enriched shampoo is made to help stimulate new hair growth and thicken existing strands.

The shampoo bottle

17. Or a jojoba shampoo for lightweight moisture that won't make your hair look greasy. It's great for peeps with dry scalps as it helps balance oil production.

The shampoo bottle

18. An oatmeal pet shampoo if your pup's skin and coat could use some moisture. Not only should it make your pooch look nice, but it'll also make them smell nice too.

The shampoo bottle

19. A bar of Dr. Bronner's castile soap with hemp oil to make every day a good skin day. It helps balance oil production without clogging your pores and may also reduce inflammation.

The bar of soap

20. A stylish steel diffuser so you can chillax at home with your favorite scents.

The black diffuser

21. And an essential oil blend you can use with your new diffuser that'll help you drift off to sleep with its peaceful and calming mixture of orange, tangerine, lavender, chamomile, ylang-ylang, and sandalwood oils.

The oil

22. A massage bundle because that knot in your lower back isn't going to sort itself out on its own. These lightweight massagers are great for helping muscle recovery.

The set

23. A portable powder dispenser for bringing your protein powders or baby formula with you. The secure snap lid means you'll never finish your run and realize your post-workout supplement spilled all over the bottom of your bag.

The dispenser

24. A glute band if you're ready to upgrade your at-home workout. These bands are designed to target and isolate the smaller glute muscles so you're truly getting a comprehensive booty workout.

The donut-print band

25. A seven-day pill organizer to free you from having to remember if you've taken your pills today or not. Each compartment is roomy enough for 12 large pills.

The organizer in neon pink

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