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    • Gmsantiago85

      This is why its consideredatip. You use it to indicate you appreciate the service. Asaserver you are givenasection. Now if you were paid the same wage(minimum) regardless of the level of service that you provided, do you thinkaserver, host, bartender or anyone would care about an hour to two hour wait foratable for two.Aserver would be just as happy taking an hour andahalf to two hours, waiting to fulfill their hourly requirement. The only thing that would promptabetter level of service would be ….. well not much. Why would someone put up withayelling manager, shouting aboutamaximum2minutes to greetatable once it seated? Why wouldaserver deal with the frustration of attempting to freeatable in their section, while remaining polite, to see if someone could enjoyabetter meal for their lunch hour? How aboutabartender booting an obnoxious drunk? Their tip is clearly gone, and some cases have to foot the bill if they can’t receive payment. Granted the law says it’s illegal to make an employee foot any and all bills, but not having payment forabill can be construed as negligence, or ignorance. Both of which can get you fired! Now cut to the caliber of server you would have hired now. Do you think half as many as the energetic, patient, eager to please, staff would still be working there? For minimum wage? Higher wages would meanahigher caliber of employee. Now we’re talking about an owner paying out of pocket. How do you prevent this? Tipping! This keeps the cost of eating out, much lower than would be required to hireacompetent, and efficient staff at an elevated wage. Not to mention the guest haveaSAY! you can choose to tip as much or as little as you like while you enjoyareasonably priced meal.
      Why the series of pictures of bad tips? Because some people are asses, plain and simple. If you bring your pack of feral children toapublic setting and CHOOSE to let them run wild, makingamess, and upsetting my other guest, while lowering my tips. Then claim that you’reasingle mother so you can’t affordatip while racking up overa$100 worth of food inacalm ambient setting, then you are plain evil. Its the same reason why people post pictures of the West Borough Baptist Church. Sometimes you have to see evil to believe its still out there. The end of it meansabad tip means wasted time. Time that could have been spent on closing duties soIcan go home earlier to find another way to makeabetter living not dealing with this……

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