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6 Laundry Tips Your Parents Never Taught You

Now that you're in college, your parents obviously can't do your laundry for you! Here are the 6 secrets to doing your laundry the right way.

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Step 1: Separate and Check Your Clothes!

Make sure you separate your clothes! No one wants their tighty whities to become pink, or ruin their limited edition Buzz Lightyear Action Figure.

Step 2: Put Your Clothes and Detergent in the Washer!

Okay, this seems pretty obvious, but, you shouldn't overfill the washer with clothes because you could definitely cause a fire. Also, don't put too much detergent in the washer. We all like bubbles but not at 3 in the morning on the third floor.

Step 3: Put Your Clothes in the Dryer!

Contrary to popular belief, nobody likes waiting for you take your clothes out of the machines. You should time your wash so that you can put them in the dryer. Plus, if you leave them in for too long they start to smell, and who likes smelly clothes?

Step 4: Take Your Clothes Out of the Dryer!

SET A TIMER!!! Usually, your clothes will be dry in at least 45 minutes, sometimes an hour if there are a lot of clothes in the dryer. Don't leave your clothes in there for 2, 3, or 4 hours!! Free the dryer up for the next person!

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