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5 Ways To End On How To Finish The Semester Out Strong !

Hey Griffins, we know with school coming to a close and only a few weeks left, you probably are starting ti feel a little burned out. Here are five easy ways to help with the stress and finish the semester on a good note !

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5. Take Advantage Of The Resources


All the resources here at GMercyU are here for you. Take adverting of these resources, like the ARC, to help you get through your homework and really y start to crack down to get ready for finals !

4. Need A Break ? Try Going To Events That Are Being Held On Campus !


Whether you need a break from studying or just life itself, going to various activities here on campus will you to destress. GMercyU offers a great variety of programs for whatever you may be seeking. There is always an event going on and something fun to do to take your mind off of any stress.

3. Cherish The Small Moments


With the school year coming to a close, cherishing the small moments will allow you to really enjoy the couple of weeks that are left. This will also allow yo to spend time with the people you care about the most here on campus.

2. Save The Memories


A good way to save those awesome memories that you have made this year is by taking pictures. Taking picture throughout the year, especially the last couple of weeks, will help you to cherish those memories as well as create new ones as semester comes to a close.

1. Make A Plan !


The last couple of weeks of the semester can get a little hectic. Making a plan for these last couple of weeks will help you to refocus and allow you to plan your last few weeks. This also allows you to know what you have going and organize yourself for the last weeks of school, especially finals week.

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