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5 Thrifty Ways To Save And Not Break The Bank While At GMercyU!

Hey Griffins, we know that it may be rough when it come to spending money, so here are some quick and easy ways to make it easier on you and not break the bank.

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1. Join A CarShare Program !


Whether it may be you personally do not own a car or are not able to bring it campus, the U-Haul Car Share is a great way to cut the expense of having a car on campus. Rent the car when you need it and return when you are finished. At $4.95 an hour and 49 cents a mile, it provides a cheaper alternative than keeping a car on campus.

2. Instead of eating out, try using a meal plan or buy groceries and pre-make food


By using a meal plan, you can eliminate extra food expenses. #GMercyU has many different dining options on campus! Also, if you feel like eating something different then the food from the Dining Hall, buying food and making it from scratch is an excellent way to still save some money. We have a number of Kitchens in our Residence Halls that give you the opportunity to cook some home made food!

3. Try Using Cash Instead of A Debit or Credit Card


Sometimes when using debit or credit cards, you may not notice how much you're spending until you see the damage at the end of the month, especially with credit cards.Try using cash instead of credit and debit cards because it is easier to keep track of how much cash you spend and you're not racking up additional debt.

4. Try Going To FREE Events And Programs on Campus Instead Of Going Out!


Rather than going out, try going to the events and programs here at #GMercyU. There are various activities and programs for everyone’s tastes and are sure to help save some money in the long run. Plus you’ll get to meet and interact with people who you may not have met!

5. When Going Shopping Try To Use Coupons For The Items, You Are Purchasing


Using coupons while shopping will help you to save money and get deals on the items that you need as well as have extra left over money that you can spend because you saved in other areas.

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