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17 Things We NEED To See In "Girl Meets World" Season 3

"Girl Meets World" has been officially renewed for season 3 and we know that the Girl Meets World Writers have already begun writing. Here are a few light suggestions of what we want, no, NEED to see next season.

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2. The ENTIRE Matthews' family together

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This means Alan, Amy, Eric, Cory, Morgan, Josh, Topanga, Riley and Auggie. Home for the Holidays part 2! We'll be OK if Shawn and Maya are there too because they're basically members of the Matthews' family anyway.

3. On-Location scenes in New York City

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How great would it be to REALLY get the feeling that everyone lives in NYC? If this doesn't happen, we'll settle with the Subway set being brought back and more locations like the rooftop in "Girl Meets the New Year."

4. A family vacation

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"Girl Meets Texas" was such a huge success when Riley and her friends were off location in Texas. We know that seeing just the Matthews' family together in a different location would bring a lot of laughs.

9. Cory getting increasingly protective of a growing Riley

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Some of the best comedic moments have come from Cory being a protective father over Riley's feelings. Now that Riley is in high school she will face much larger challenges and it will be hilarious and amazing to see how Cory handles it all.

10. Stories about Josh Matthews without it revolving around his relationship with Maya

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Now that he will be in New York we would love to see the influence he has on Riley and Auggie. He is the cool uncle after all!

12. High school cliques

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High school tends to have more separated friend groups. It would be interesting to see our main characters interact with new classmates and if they try and find new groups to fit in with.

14. Maya meeting her half-siblings

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After Seasons 1 and 2, we know that Maya's father has a new family with more kids. It would make for a great episode if and when Maya ever meets them. It would show even more development for her character and back-story.

16. A continuation of the complexity of friendships and relationships

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In high school a new set of challenges arise and it would be really interesting to see how will this affect Riley, Maya, Lucas, Farkle and Zay's friendship. It would also be interesting to see how their continued growth will affect who they date and if it puts anyone's friendship to the test as we have begun to see with Riley, Lucas and Maya.

17. Tackling even more important issues

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So far "Girl Meets World" has had episodes with topics such as autism, cyber bullying, feminism and belief to name a few. In Season 3, some topics which would make for really progressive and interesting story lines could include an LGBT character, the prevalence of racism, peer pressure and other mental health issues that occur frequently with high-school age students.

Sound off below! What else do you want to see from "Girl Meets World" Season 3?

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