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17 Moments That Made You Smile From "Girl Meets World" Premiere Week

The moments from the first five episodes in Season 2 of "Girl Meets World" that made you smile from ear to ear (in no particular order)

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1. Riley Trying to be the Center of Attention

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In Girl Meets Gravity, Riley and Maya are mad that they are no longer the center of attention in their new class and try to get their new teacher's attention.

6. Farkle's Excitement over Belgium in 1831

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The running joke throughout Season 1 and Season 2 is that Cory never gets to his lesson about Belgium in 1831. As Farkle is eager to learn, he gets excited when he realizes that the lesson will FINALLY not be interrupted.

7. Riley Nails Lucas With the Hose

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In Girl Meets Secret of Life, Riley finds out that Lucas has been hiding something. Through her growing anger and multiple attempts to get him to talk about it, she soaks him with a power hose!

10. Katy Gives Bad Advice

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Now that Katy hangs around the bakery with Maya and the gang, she wants to be more like Cory and Topanga by offering good life advice. She starts off doing well then gets a little carried away by telling Farkle to forget science, and dream dreams!

14. Mr. Feeny's Interaction with Riley and Maya

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In this wonderful moment, two worlds begin to merge into one when we see the incomparable Mr. Feeny have a heart-to-heart conversation with Riley with a touch of humor.

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