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  • Fudge Fatale The Ultimate Gluten & Soy Free Dessert Sauces!!!

    It’s hard enough being allergic to gluten with having to sacrifice so many different foods. The hardest part about finding out that I had a gluten allergy was giving up sweets particularly chocolate. I looked high and low trying to find a substitute to satisfy my sweet tooth, but to my dismay, I could not find any substitute. One day while I was walking through my local Whole Foods, I came across this chocolate with an intriguing shaped glass. It was the design of the wavy glass that had caught my attention, so I picked it up to take a look at it. To my surprise, it was gluten and soy free. I decided to buy a jar of the Fudge Fatale Chocolate Sauce and went home right away to try it. From the very first spoonful, I was instantly hooked! Not only was it gluten and soy free, it also had all the flavors that I once enjoyed before finding out I had a gluten allergy. Every other chocolate I had tried up until this point really sacrificed the flavor for the health, but not Fudge Fatale. After devouring the entire jar, the very next day I went back to that Whole Foods and picked up their chocolate, caramel and espresso sauce, which all happen to be gluten and soy free. They were all absolutely delicious and have an amazing velvet like texture. If you have a gluten allergy and love sweets as much as I do, I highly recommend trying the Fudge Fatale dessert sauces! You will not be disappointed and it may become your new favorite dessert sauce like it has with me! You can find their wonderful products here!!!

  • Garlic Survival Roast Garlic Turkey

    Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks and there is no better way to give thanks than preparing this Garlic Survival Roast Garlic Turkey for your loved ones! Thanksgiving only comes once a year, so why not go all out for Thanksgiving dinner. If you’re looking for something to prepare for the upcoming holiday, this is it! Give it a try this year and I guarantee you’ll want to make this more than once a year! Click here for this amazing Thanksgiving dinner turkey recipe!

  • Fudge Fatale Spooky Caramel Apples

    Fudge Fatale Spooky Caramel Apples are the perfect sweet treat for the upcoming holiday! With Halloween just around the corner, this is the perfect activity to share with your children. They absolutely love making these. Fudge Fatale’s Caramel is not only gluten & soy free, it was also picked as Rachel Ray’s favorite sundae topping!!! It has some health value as far as being gluten & soy free, yet retains all the deliciousness you would expect from caramel. This is a very simple recipe that takes anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour and a half. What better way to bring in Halloween with your loved ones than a fun and delicious activity like this? Click here for this delicious and fun recipe

  • Garlic Survival Kale And Quinoa Salad Recipe

    Here is a delicious recipe that is jam packed with health benefits. Did you know that Kale can lower your cholesterol if steamed? Raw Kale still can lower your cholesterol, but steaming it enhances this health benefit. Kale has also been proven to reduce the risk of at least five different cancers! If those health benefits aren’t enough to make you want to eat Kale everyday, it also works amazing for body detoxification. Being filled with over 45 different flavonoids, Kale works as an amazing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. That is just half of the health benefits that this culinary treat provides! Besides Kale having all these wonderful health benefits, Quinoa is equally as beneficial to your health. Quinoa is one of the most protein rich foods you could possibly eat. It has all nine amino acids that are essential in a good diet as well as being a complete protein. It also has high levels of Riboflavin which is good for your energy metabolism in your brain. Due to it’s high levels of magnesium, it can even help alleviate migraines for those who are susceptible to migraines. Quinoa is an excellent source of fiber and contains almost twice the amount of other grains. These are just a few of the many exquisite health benefits that Kale and Quinoa provide. Combined in this delicious recipe makes it a powerhouse of health benefits and flavor! Click here for this gourmet recipe

  • Garlic Survival Boneless Garlic And Rosemary Rubbed Prime Rib With Red Wine And Mushroom Recipe

    Who doesn’t love a good red wine when having prime rib? I know I sure do… Not only do I love to cook with red wine, I also enjoy drinking it while cooking with it. This Garlic Survival Boneless Garlic And Rosemary Rubbed Prime Rib With Red Wine And Mushroom Recipe is perfect for that special occasion. Whether you’re having family and friends over or you want to make a special meal for that special someone. Garlic and Rosemary always go well with Prime Rib, but adding the red wine and mushrooms takes it to the next level. Try this recipe and you’ll think you’re eating at a five star steak house! Click here for this delicious gourmet recipe

  • Garlic Survival Quinoa Black Bean Burger Recipe

    Quinoa has been around for thousands of years and it seems like up until recently it has become a huge craze. Being one of the most protein rich foods we can eat, why not eat more quinoa? It is a complete protein that contains all the essential amino acids that we need. Quinoa also contains lysine which is great for tissue growth and repair. In other words, this is the perfect meal after working out. Not only is quinoa protein filled, it also has about twice the amount of fiber than any other grain. Fiber isn’t only good for your digestive system, it’s also great in reducing blood pressure and diabetes! The Garlic Survival Quinoa Black Bean Burger is a great recipe that combines all the health of quinoa into a classic meal that most people eat around the world. Enjoy all the health benefits without sacrificing any flavor! Click here for this delicious recipe

  • The Ultimate Chocolate Fudge Milkshake!!!

    Who doesn’t love milkshakes? Fudge Fatale’s Ultimate Chocolate Fudge Milkshake is not only delicious, the chocolate is also gluten and soy free!!! The ultimate sweet treat that just can’t be beat. Perfect dessert all year round. Fudge Fatale’s Ultimate Chocolate Sauce was featured on Today With Rachel Ray as well as The Today Show. It has also been served in The White House. Click here for this delicious recipe

  • Garlic Survival Chicken Enchiladas With Tomatillo Garlic Salsa

    Here is a classic dish that is just loaded with flavor and health benefits. Garlic has many wonderful health benefits. Did you know that garlic can help reduce your blood pressure as much as 7-8%? Garlic can also harden your arteries, which is great for people as they age because as you get older, your arteries lose their ability to stretch and flex. Garlic can also reduce the risk of colon, rectal and stomach cancer. It also works as a great repellent of ticks. If you eat garlic on a semi-regular basis, ticks won’t want to bite you. These are just a few of the amazing health benefits that garlic can provide you. Garlic Survival’s Chicken Enchiladas With Tomatillo Garlic Salsa is not only loaded with garlic, it’s also loaded with flavor and health benefits. Great for all occasions and really offers an authentic taste. Click here for recipe

  • Garlic Survival Quinoa And Black Bean Chili Recipe

    A healthy twist on a classic dish. If you love chili, you’ll love this Garlic Survival Quinoa and Black Bean Chili recipe. The garlic mixed in adds great flavor as well as all the health benefits that garlic provides. Garlic is great for people with high blood pressure and has shown to reduce it as much as 7-8%!!! Quinoa is one of the most protein rich foods, twice the amount of fiber of other grains, it contains iron as well as many other wonderful health benefits. Even though this recipe provides many health benefits, it doesn’t sacrifice flavor. It enhances it! Click here for the recipe

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