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7 Game-Changing Glossier Products That Come In Sets To Help You Save Money

We love a good bundle.

Figuring out your skincare and beauty routine can be a real pain. You need to find all the right products for each need, then make sure they don't overlap in function or react poorly with each other. And then, you have to see how much they all add up to. Luckily, Glossier has bundled a fan favorites and top rated cruelty-free products into sets!

We rounded up some of our favorite sets that will cover all of your skincare and makeup needs, and save you some bucks:

1. If you're tryna do the least this summer, the Daily Summer Duo is the perfect set. It bundles a daily sunscreen and brow pomade that will leave your face fresh and polished.

2. To help you weed out the extra (and excess) products, the Dewy Look set bundles three key products to make sure your face is glowing and lively. Futuredew will leave you dewy, Cloud Paint will give your cheeks a pop of color, and Lip Gloss will keep your lips shining. Perfect for the au naturel look!

3. Constantly on the hunt for a gloss, tinted lip balm, or matte lipstick that is easy to apply and won't wear off in a weird way? Well, you can get all three with the Core Lip Collection. It comes with Balm Dotcom, Lip Gloss, and Generation G. You'll have everything to keep your lips moisturized, shiny, and vibrant. No (overdrawn) liner required.

4. Never wander the makeup aisle trying to match a foundation and concealer again, thanks to the buildable Perfecting Skin Tint + Stretch Concealer Duo set. The two products complement each other in weight and coverage (and dare I say price), evening out your complexion without making it obvious you're wearing foundation and concealer.

5. Trying to pair a good cleanser and serum? Look no further, the Milky Jelly Cleanser + Futuredew set works together to dissolve any makeup and dirt that dares to sit on your face and then nourish your skin, leaving it with a lasting, dewy glow.

6. Get an eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara with formulas that actually work together with the Eye Color Set (ya know when your eyeliner cracks and flakes on top of your eyeshadow??). Apply a Skywash matte lid tint, line your eye with the Pro Tip eyeliner, and then swipe on some Lash Slick mascara. Minimal effort required — for purchasing and applying — and your eyes are set.

7. And for that natural flushed and dewy shine (at the same time), you just need to stick your fingertips into The Blush + Highlight Duo set. The blendable cheek color and layerable highlighter formulas work together seamlessly and last all day, so you don't have to worry about looking cakey or them running together (like your blush getting shimmery or your highlighter lookin' kinda pink).

If you want more, Glossier has 30 dedicated sets between skincare and makeup, which means you'll def find one with the perfect combination of products at the best value! Happy bundling!

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