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    • gloriab9

      OMG please don’t be such an ignorant person who thinks this isaclever thing to post, andiwould like to think you are the only one, well of course this isafictional book you dummy! but you see, writers write forareason, politicians and plumbers too, etc, etc, the thing with this book series and many other books of course, and in this particular case, is that it reflectsadeception the author has aboutacertain situation, could be their country, thei personal life, experiencies, ideologies, and so and so, so, where were we? writers have this capacity of transform this deception and beliefs into great astonishing novels! in Harry Potter, it is so obviously the author tried to transform the actual situation England is going through with all these up and downs the english government has attempted, so we can see in Harry Potter how the author perfectly reflects her disappointment about the many, many interests the government of England has, how the government works with people just insanely rich and how controlled english citizens are, which she is showing in Harry Potter, though of course the author’s mind is full of stories that she used to fill and give shape to this amazing book series, so please, open up your mind and readalittle bit more, you are the one that is “kinda crazy and extemely lame” instead.

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