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How To Travel On A Low Budget In Argentina

When travelling through South America, you will notice quite some price differences from one country to another. Argentina is one of the most expensive ones due to its soaring inflation. But we give you some tips so you can still enjoy travelling in Argentina.

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Hostels in Argentina are usually affordable but when you get towards the high season or travel in Patagonia, the price of a dorm bed can easily double. In this case, there are other options which are also very pleasant:


Couchsurfing is becoming more and more popular among the backpackers' community. What makes its success? A couch/bed at no cost at someone's home and meeting with locals.


Argentina offers many camping sites, with different standards of comfort. And good news for nature lovers, it is also legal in Argentina to do wild camping. I would then advise you to use the app iOverlander. It is a user-generated app, where people give you tips on free wild spots they stayed at.


One of the most expensive thing in Argentina is probably transportation. Bus tickets are really excessive and this is where you will end up spending most of our budget. But luckily there are some alternatives so you can save your money for better activities:

Cross the border

If you are travelling along the Andes, and need to cover long distances, an advice is to travel on the Chilean side. Chilean bus companies offer way cheaper wages than the Argentinian ones. So take this into consideration when planning your trip!


Hitchhiking is very common practice in Argentina, notably because of bus costs. So it is good for your budget and you can also meet Argentinians along the way, who will gladly share with you their mate cup (traditional Argentinian drink)


Argentina is very famous for its tasty meat but it is not something which is affordable on a daily basis.


You can find empanadas at almost each street corner in Argentina, especially in Salta. It is one of the cheapest food you can find and it exists in many different varieties.

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