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Four Reasons To Visit The Islamic Republic

How would you feel about traveling through arguably the safest, most historic and beautiful country in the Middle East? And how would you feel about traveling through Iran? Chances are, the answer is not the same. Such a pity! In my experience, the Iranian people are very open and helpful, while the cities and sights are one of a kind. Here are four must-do’s when you are in for a little Aladdin-esque adventure:

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This city is regarded as a open-air museum - and rightfully so. From souvenir-hunting in centuries-old bazaars to picnicking at the second-largest square in the world, surrounded by beautiful mosques: Esfahan has it all. The latter is especially cool during Ramadan, when the square is packed with Iranians who are eager to invite you for a bite and a (non-alcoholic) drink.


If Aladin was your favorite Disney film back in the days, this city is just right for you. Stroll through Yazd’s deserted streets and make sure to enjoy the ancient city from one of the rooftop restaurants. It was certainly one of the nicest city walks we had in a very, very long while!

Bafgh Desert

From Yazd, you can take a jeep deep into the Bafgh desert. This was certainly one of the highlights of our trip, as the landscape and desolation resembled the area where Hollywood-classic The Martian was shot. After arriving in the middle of a valley, we built a bonfire, smoked keliun (shisha) and enjoyed being in such a special place. Afterwards, we slept inside a little cave, right under the Milky Way; could it get any better?!

Alborz Mountains

After reading about the previous hotspot, it might be hard to believe that you can actually go skiiing in Iran. The mountains north of Teheran are an excellent getaway for the locals to spend some time on the slopes, though, and host a number of fun après-ski bars as well. This proves, once again, that this country has so much more to offer than one might expect initially. I would say: give it a try and you will never, ever regret it!

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