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Four Of Cape Town's Finest Hotspots

Thinking about Cape Town, most people will come up with the usual suspects: beaches, nightlife and great weather. Nowadays, though, the city is known for something else: food and coffee. Below are some of the best places in Town:

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Truth Coffee Roasting

One of the most popular newspapers in the UK, the Daily Telegraph, has voted Truth as the best coffee establishment in the world – and who are we to disagree?! Not only do they offer delicious, hand-roasted coffee; their punk-meets-arty design would also justify a visit!

The Charles Cafe

My absolute favorite spot in the Mother City can be found close to, yet right outside the tourist area. Overlooking the skyline of Cape Town, Charles has it all. Finger lickin’ good breakfast and an iced coffee to kill for. Combined with the early African sun and a marvelous view, there is no better way to get the engine going!


Bree Street is without a shadow of a doubt Cape Town’s coolest street and one restaurant stands out in particular: Clarke’s. Not only is this the place where the city’s finest meet, they also have all-day breakfast for only a few Rand. If you find yourself strolling through the area, take a moment to enjoy the vibe of this great spot.

Old Biscuit Mill

If there is one must-see hotspot in Capte Town, it’s the Old Biscuit Mill. This food paradise is a unique market inside a mall, where you’ll find snacks from all over the world. While you’re enjoying your chocolate crepe and homemade pomegranate juice, don’t miss out on the performances and exclusive clothes from local designers!

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