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5 Best Hikes In South East Asia: Wows Guaranteed

Most of us know that South-East Asia has a lot to offer when it comes to hiking. But we sometimes forget that high diversity of landscapes which makes all hikes very unique. We have selected the 5 most impressive hikes.

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Bukit Lawang: Real life jungle book

It’s the dream of every nature lover to stand eye in eye with this hairy orange creature; the orangutan! Deep in the forest of Bukit Lawang on the Indonesian Island Sumatra this dream can become reality. It's one of the few places where you can still spot them in their natural habitat. But besides orangutans, doing a jungle trek here is already worth coming. Nothing will bring you closer to nature than an overnight trek including camping in this rainforest. And not to mention the million stars you can see at night.

Bromo volcano: A trip to the moon

Ever asked yourself how it would be to walk around on the moon? Well the good news is, you can travel to Mount Bromo to experience it. This lunar like landscape is so surreal and breathtaking at the same time that it will feel like different planet. Bromo is part of one of the three volcanoes that together make up a landscape with craters and cones. Make sure to hike to the top to have the best view to catch sunrise while surrounded by these impressive volcanoes.

Mount Kinabalu: Climbing the holy mountain

Standing 13000 feet above sea level overlooking the Bornean rain forest gives you a thrill that can’t be described. Climbing the sacred Mount Kinabalu in Borneo should definitely be on your bucket list! From the starting point at Kinabalu National Park your journey will be in 5 different types of landscapes, from moist rainforest to large granite stone walls in the cold. You're giving the possibilities to climb this mountain at your own pace by taking the advanced 1 day trek till the more relaxed 3 day trek.

Cameron Highlands: Where fresh air gets a new definition

Located 150Km north of Kuala Lumpur, Cameron highlands litterlaly offer a ‘cool escape’. The combination of the hills and lower temperature compared to the rest of Malaysia results in the perfect place for tea plantations. Hills are therefore covered with these bright green leaves making it a magical place. Several treks with different durations can be found in this area and are worth doing. Must do is watching the sunrise while overlooking the the tea plantations, goosebumps guaranteed!

Sapa: 50 Shades of green

Endless shades of green sculpted by the curves of the rice paddies. It’s something that cant be captured in picture or painting. It is absolutely worth a trip and the best way to explore this beautiful place is by hiking along the rice paddies. Several operators organize day trips or multiple day treks. Make sure to check out the tours organized by locals to support the community!

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