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11 Reasons To Get Pumped For "The Blacklist" Season Premiere

Get ready for Red. Starting October 1, you can catch Season 3 of The Blacklist every Thursday at 9 ET/PT on Global TV.

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Think you're ready for The Blacklist?

1. As if this man alone isn't reason enough.

2. Now that Red and Liz are on the run, there will be plenty of opportunities to learn more about their past.

3. And with so many people after her, Liz will have to get creative with disguises to avoid capture.

4. Especially since she and Red are targets of the FBI and the Cabal.

5. Including Ressler, who will have to come to terms with chasing after his former partner.

6. Along with plenty of other new faces we met when Red revealed the contents of the Fulcrum.

7. Cue Mr. Solomon, a Cabal operative and maybe their most ruthless opponent yet.

8. Meaning they'll need the help of some trusted allies now more than ever. Remember Glen?

Plus, so many other questions we need answered.

9. How will Tom manage to escape death this season?

10. Will we ever learn anything else about Dembe?

11. And what gruesome crime scenes will Red and his accomplices have to clean up next?

With so much at stake, it's a good thing that Liz and Red have each other's backs. They'll need all the help they can get.

Everything is going to be OK. Season three of The Blacklist premieres Thursday, October 1 at 9 ET/PT on Global TV.

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