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Can You Get Through These "Heroes Reborn" GIFs Without Passing Out?

Heroes is FINALLY back! We've been waiting, like, forever for this. Catch all the extraordinary action Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT, only on Global. *cue tears of joy*

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1. The Heroes are back...and so are the horn-rimmed glasses.

2. But where have the Heroes (aka Evos) even been?

3. Is the world going to be OK again?

4. And, like, WHAT happened to Claire?!

5. Who's getting injured here???

6. And who is this lil' newbie?

7. Do the horn-rimmed glasses know something?

8. Does this chick have Hiro's sword?!

9. Time out. It looks like there ARE more heroes.

10. Oh, great... What does Angela want now?!

11. And who is this masked mystery man??


13. Wait, back up— OMG, Matt, you're back! HELP!

14. What in the world is THIS power?!

15. Oh boy, let's slow it down for some steamy romance. Yes, please.

16. HIROOOOOO! Are you going to save the world again?

17. OK, HRG, we see you.

18. Good grief, there's so much hype. Time to HYPErventilate.

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And BREATHE! Wipe that sweat off your forehead and don't miss Heroes Reborn, premiering Thursday, Sept. 24 at 8 p.m ET/PT., only on Global.