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The 20 Best Smells From Childhood

One smell and you're back in your childhood home, holding your totally awesome lunch box while you're getting ready to play with your most fun neighbor. These scents can help you experience those #bestfeelings.

1. A Fresh Box of Crayons

2. Worms in Dirt

3. Freshly Mowed Grass

4. New Books

5. Play-Doh Underneath Your Fingernails

6. Chocolate Chip Cookies Baking on a Rainy Afternoon

7. Grandma's House on Thanksgiving

8. Swimming Pools

9. Bonfires on a Crisp Autumn Evening

10. Wet Pavement

11. Grilling on a Hot Summer Afternoon

12. Sparklers on the Fourth of July

13. Warm, Gooey Brownies

14. Band-Aids from the Nurse's Office

15. Popcorn on Movie Night

16. Birthday Candles

17. Smelly Markers

18. Spicy Apple Cider Mulling in Fall

19. Goldfish Food

20. Anything Scratch-and-Sniff