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14 Animals Who Dare To Be Bold

These creatures are doing their thaaang. And frankly, we're inspired. Why not try incorporating some bold smells into your life? Check out Glade Premium Room Sprays. With fun combinations like Playful Paradise® and Sheer White Cotton® you're sure to find something exciting.

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1. This chipmunk finally worked up the courage to get out of the friend zone.

2. This cat isn't afraid to show its deep love of 'za.


3. This dog is bravely identifying the criminal who ate those brand-new shoes.

4. This cat is looking absolutely fierce in her new wig.

5. This sassy cat is just showing this horse who's boss.

6. This rat is insisting this dog smell its breath.

7. These cats are bound and determined to become internet famous.

8. This tiny wiener dog is bravely mouth-kissing a lion.

9. This tiny kitten is boldly expressing her ownership of all slippers.

10. This family is just trying to have a nice Sunday afternoon.

11. This cat is boldly facing the everyday challenge of playtime.

12. This cat is officially "not it."

13. This goose doesn't even care if you don't get that joke.

14. Sometimes the bravest move of all is to find a compromise.