21 Animals That Will Make You Squeal With Joy

Make sure you read them in order. Your home should be filled with things to fill all your senses with joy. So here are some cute faces, to give you some of those #bestfeelings.

1. Start by staring deep into this puppy’s chocolate eyes.

Mike Spasoff / Via Flickr: clownfish

2. And these eyes.

Aidras / Via Flickr: aidras

3. And this bunny eye.

Zorn2012 / Via Flickr: 50926955@N04

4. And these scrunched-up pug eyes.

5. And these majestically fluffy eyes.

6. No? Not doing it for you yet? What about a tiny baby panda falling asleep in the earthy foliage?

7. Look at this little guy, who loves getting snuggly in bed.

kweeston / Via instagram.com

8. This puppy who just loves being in a pile of fresh laundry.

S. Burpee / BuzzFeed

9. This dog who loves wearing fresh laundry.

10. Or two sniffly bunnies in soda cups?

Wonder what they’re smelling.

11. How about a bunch of kittens playing hopscotch?

12. Check out this hedgehog who loves the smell of bread.

Mmmmmm. Bread.

13. How about a bunch of cubs “boop”-ing each other?

Tambako The Jaguar / Via Flickr: tambako

14. Or a kitty who can’t handle the boop.

15. Yawning? OK, let’s turn up the juice.

16. Observe this baby dog.

Nathan Bittinger / Via Flickr: nate_kate

17. Check out this kitten in a bucket.

18. This seal who loves the smell of fresh snow.

19. These guys love it, too.

20. This little guy can’t seem to find his way out of that bowl.

21. And top it all off with these two best friends.

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