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16 People Who Just Can't Handle The Holidays

Get excited for the big day. Inspired by the best feelings of the season.

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1. Some people just can't handle the holidays.

2. They go just a little overboard.

3. REALLY overboard. Maybe a little too overboard.

4. It's hard to contain that excitement!

5. So many decorations! So many surprises!

6. When you're waiting for Santa, it feels like FOREVER.

7. And as soon as you wake up, you lose it.

8. You get a little overzealous.

9. Sometimes that moment is just too much. You can't control yourself.

10. You're running all over! You can't focus!

11. And then you see it.

12. That gift you were really hoping for.

13. Or maybe you were just hoping for the paper.

14. Sometimes, even if you think you know what's coming, YOU HAVE NO IDEA.

15. You simply have to embrace it.

16. So just let loose and enjoy the craziness.


But maybe leave the tree tackling to the professionals. Happy holidays!