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11 Plastic Wrap Hacks That Will Change Your Life

And no, none of them are April Fools' Day pranks.

1. Create marble nail designs.

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Save money and look chic by using plastic wrap to create marbled nails. Apply a base coat, and let it dry. Then, apply a second coat in a different color on top and blot with plastic wrap.

2. Keep bananas fresh.

BuzzFeed Creative

Wrap plastic around the stems of bananas to keep them fresher longer.

3. Keep your jewelry tangle-free.*

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Avoid tangles by wrapping your jewelry with plastic when you travel.

4. Make the perfect poached egg.


Crack an egg into plastic wrap, twist up the end, and then boil it in water for a delicious and flawless poached egg. Complete instructions here.

5. Make avocados last.


Rub lemon on half an avocado, keep the pit in, and wrap the avocado in plastic wrap for prolonged freshness. Complete instructions here.

6. Place over new seedlings for happier plants.

Kitchen Counter Chronicle / Via

Create the perfect plant-growth environment by placing plastic wrap over new seedlings. Full instructions here.

7. Simplify dough rolling.

Cinfully Simple / Via

Save yourself the time and frustration of rolling dough by placing a sheet of plastic wrap over it. Complete instructions here.

8. Enjoy burn-free ice cream.

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Simply cover your ice cream carton with plastic wrap before putting the lid back on for extended freshness.

9. Wrap utensil trays to make moving a breeze.

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Skip the box and just wrap your utensil trays with plastic for easy unpacking.

10. Eliminate blackheads.

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Use petroleum jelly, plastic wrap, and a warm towel for a cheap and effective blackhead remover. Full instructions here.

11. Keep your frosting bags clean.

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Stop throwing away perfectly good frosting bags and cut down on mess by wrapping frosting in plastic wrap prior to inserting the frosting bag.

Any more mind-blowing hacks we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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