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    Supernatural Musical Episode: A Discrepancy

    "Ya idjits..."

    The Angel

    An attractive, trench-coated man tosses a Molotov cocktail while calling his target "ass-butt".
    CW Supernatural / Via Netflex

    This is Castiel on the right, and he's about to toss a Molotov cocktail. If you're a die-hard Supernatural fan then the term "ass-butt" is in your vocabulary, and that this is its famous origin (05x22: Swan Song).

    The Assbutt

    Another attractive man, slightly younger unexpectedly gets pelted with said Molotov cocktail.
    CW Supernatural / Via Netflix

    This is Adam on the left, the poor young man who's about to get hit with said Molotov cocktail.


    The younger man is now on fire after getting hit by the Molotov cocktail.
    CW Supernatural / Via Netflix

    Just for funsies, here's the Assbutt getting hit by the Molotov cocktail.

    Fast forward to the special 200th episode:

    The Winchesters discover that not only is their life a book series and a TV show; it is now a musical put on by an all-girls private school (10x05: Fan Fiction). The production includes key points from the story, i.e. losing Mary (the first time), Bobby in a wheelchair, classic "BM" scenes (which specifically stands for "Boy Melodrama", not "Bowel Movement", just FYI).

    Yay! They added the assbutt scene!

    Taking place in an auditorium, a teenage girl dressed as Castiel, in fake angel wings, rehearses the scene from Swan Song, by throwing a fake Molotov cocktail at no one in particular.
    CW Supernatural / Via Netflix

    This is Kristen. She plays Castiel in the all-girls' production of "Supernatural: the Musical". Here she is, rehearsing the scene from Swan Song, by throwing a fake Molotov cocktail at no one in particular. Ok. Cool. WHOEVER PLAYS ADAM IS TOAST!!!

    This is Adam--wait, hold up...

    A teenage girl identical to the character in the previous pic is now dressed as a different character with a T-shirt and hoodie.
    CW Supernatural / Via Netflix

    Just confirming it's really supposed to be Adam...

    The Stage Manager tells the Winchesters that the character they're referring to is Adam from the Swan Song scene.
    CW Supernatural / Via Netflix


    A side-by-side look at the actresses who play Castiel and Adam (hint: it's the same face).
    CW Supernatural / Via Netflix
    The Winchesters the all-female cast a pep talk before their Opening Night
    CW Supernatural / Via Netflix

    There's Castiel, but no Adam character, so either Kristen has an identical twin who missed her call time, or she's doing double duty by playing Cas and Adam.

    BUT if Kristen is Castiel and Adam, and they're doing the Assbutt scene, then who is she tossing the Molotov cocktail at, herself??? How would that have played out onstage exactly?

    CW Supernatural / Via Pinterest

    So there you have it: Supernatural will always have a special place in my heart, but that doesn't mean it's perfect.

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