20 Amazing Will Ferrell’s GIFs For Any Occasion

However you’re feeling, Will Ferrell can express it better than you.

1. When you’re happy, happy happy.

VH1 Films / Via gifwave.com

2. When you fuck up.

Warner Bros. / Via gifboom.com

3. When you’re getting nervous.

DreamWorks Pictures / Via reactiongifs.com

4. When you want to declare your love.

DreamWorks Pictures / Via gifs-to-wear-pants-to.tumblr.com

5. When you’re feeling romantic.

Columbia Pictures / Via imgur.com

6. When you need attention.

DreamWorks Pictures / Via etukana.tumblr.com

7. When you feel like you could punch a baby.

8. When you’re overexcited.

New Line Cinema / Via wifflegif.com

9. When you see someone wearing Crocs.

Columbia Pictures / Via wifflegif.com

10. When you’re flattered.

NBC / Via giphy.com

11. When you’re panicking.

DreamWorks Pictures / Via collegeenvy.tumblr.com

12. When you’re having dinner at your grandma’s.

New Line Cinema / Via giphy.com

13. When you need a drink.

DreamWorks Pictures / Via moviegif.com

14. When you just can’t believe it.

DreamWorks Pictures / Via giphy.com

15. When you’re angry.

DreamWorks Pictures / Via giphy.com

16. When you’re relaxed.

17. When it’s just too much.

DreamWorks Pictures / Via gfycat.com

18. When you’re feeling underrated.

DreamWorks Pictures / Via giphy.com

19. When you’re feeling confident.

DreamWorks Pictures / Via giphy.com

20. When you’re suspicious.

DreamWorks Pictures / Via reactiongifs.us

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