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14 Catastrophes That Still Haven't Happened On "Grey's Anatomy"

Car crashes, plane crashes, bombs and gunmen. But on the bright side, Seattle hasn't been destroyed by a sea monster. Yet.

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Grey's Anatomy is a "medical drama" so you know what to expect from it:

ABC / Via

It's right there in the name: medical drama.

So blood and tears, lots of diseases and bad injures won't be a surprise for anyone, right?

On the contrary, you get super excited and just can't wait for something dreadful to happen.

But maybe at some point the producers went a bit too far.

ABC / Via

90% of the accidents involve the doctor themselves. None of them is safe. Maybe the whole hospital has been cursed?

With all of the drama that's happened already, there are only a few tragedies left for the final season:

1. Shark attack.

ABC / Via

2. Dragon attack.

3. Alien invasion.

Universal Pictures / Via

4. Vampires.

Cartoon Network / Via

5. The black plague.

EMI Films / Via

6. Sharknado.

SyFy Films / Via

7. Snooki's third child.

MTV / Via

8. Locusts.

9. Facebook outage.

10. A new Twilight movie.

Summit Entertainment / Via

11. Zombie apocalypse.

12. Jeans overalls' comeback.

NBC / Via

13. Jonas Brothers' reunion.

14. Alcohol shortage.

ABC / Via

At the end of the day, you'd think the whole lot already had its fair share of tragedy.

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