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    • giuliaru

      In America, it is acceptable for employers to pay servers below minimum wage because they make tips. While in college in Missouri, I worked as a server and was paid $3.60 per hour. Servers are some of the hardest working people in the service industry, we have to smile through sore feet, sore arms, and what feels like a million other tables sometimes. If you want to eat out with your family but don’t want to tip call on your government to require employers to pay a living wage. If you’re too lazy for that, get take out. Every time I approached a table I was on stage, a lot of servers do see it as an acting gig almost. Many servers I know love what they do. For all the bad tippers the ones who appreciate you are worth so much more than the tips they give. After earning my degree I still work in the service industry, as a concierge; I love to take care of people, I want to make every guest feel special. I love what I do and I loved being a server. At the end of the day, it’s just money and a mediocre tip is a lot better than the A hole rounding the amount of their check to an even number. Servers are humans and we understand that money is tight. Just because you need a second ramekin of ranch doesn’t mean I’m a bad server. Go out, be served, enjoy your evening but remember that other humans are providing that service to you in exchange for tips. And really, I do love taking care of you, I am understanding that it might be only once of the month that you get to go out to dinner so I will try to make your shy toddler smile, I will get you more ranch as fast as I can, I am committed to make your once a month or every night out special. It truly is satisfying to provide excellent service. Any tip less than 15% will leave your server feeling cheated. If the service is slow, it could be the kitchen or a rush of orders or maybe you were just super rude. Keep in mind that servers are trying to create special nights for all their tables and they’re doing it for a fraction of minimum wage. Dinner and a show and you didn’t even know. Have some empathy and notice that we are working very hard for each and every dollar and it’s not just because we need real jobs but because we actually care.

    • giuliaru

      Sunforgettable Loose Mineral Sunscreen Brush Broad Spectrum SPF 50 is my go to, life saving, hands down favorite skin care product. It’s non greasy, chemical free, and super easy to apply. My skin is super fair and I have a family history of skin cancer so sunscreen is a way of life, this stuff makes it so easy! It’s also water proof! What’s not to love?! I keep one in my purse and one in my makeup bag, no spills, no mess, and the company donates to cancer research. If you’re worried about wrinkles sunscreen is the best proactive defense and this is the best stuff I’ve found. Sephora sells it online for like $60 I think but one tube lasts me nearly a year! Go buy some and live your best life ?

    • giuliaru

      When I was ten I decided to do something about my unibrow, shave it! One side was a little lopsided so I shaved it a bit more, still uneven..more on the other side, not quite right…ugh I’m so close to having perfect ‘non-super-Italian-just-like-my-white-friends’ eyebrows! …..and they’re gone!
      At age 10, I shaved off my fucking eyebrows! If that wasn’t bad enough, I was grooming them for picture day the next morning. Let’s just say, momma didn’t order pictures that year…but as a now 24 year old I am very proud of my naturally full eyebrows. Young ones, if you’re reading this, you are just right the way you are and please seek the guidance/advice of your mom, big sister, aunt, anyone other than a peer before trying a new look. They at least know what NOT to do…like shaving your eyebrows off….don’t be like me ?

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