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5 Indispensable Blogs For All Your Korean SkinCare Needs

If you aren't into Korean SkinCare yet, after reading these 5 blogs what happen next will be inevitable: the Korean SkinCare addiction will come to knock at your door...

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Sun Hye Mi is my first love! After I read "The best Korean Products for Dry|Sensitive Skin" written by Hye Mi (the UK blogger behind my SkinCare Life changed completely. I like most of all here products reviews: full of details and descriptive photos. I would like to find her post in my mail every day, not every two weeks.

Do you know Charlotte Cho? Does Soko Glam sound familiar?

Here we are!

The Klog was born back in 2012 as a small part of the big and main project called Soko Glam. In just few years The Klog was able to stand up on his own feet and become the huge door in front of the "Soko Glam Park", in other words: read amazing blog posts on The Klog and buy K-products on Soko Glam. Amazing?! Yeah...

P.s: I usually spend hours starring at the "The Klog" logo, always fixed on top, scrolling up and down the homepage.

Personally I can say "Snow White and the Asian Pear" is one of the worst designed website ever (sorry for this), but I have no problem saying it's the best detailed K-Blog I found wandering every day on the World Wide Web. If you want to start your Korean SkinCare travel, start from here!

Not a blog, but a Reddit Community of more than 60,000 Asian Beauty Extremists!

Saying that you can find everything you need to know about K-Beauty here is superfluous. There is one thing I don't like of Asian Beauty: starting from there! I tried to move my first steps into the Korean SkinCare Routine reading something on this Reddit Page: too much possibility of choice, too much filter posts, too much people writing that at the end I felt alone.

After a little bit of experience Asian Beauty could definitely become the Korean SkinCare garden where spent most of your Sunday Afternoons.

After mentioned the historical Korean SkinCare Blogs, I would like to reserve the last spot for a recently born K-Blog:

I love it minimal design and the easy-reading given by the black letter on the completely white background. How did I find it and why did I decide to mention it in this best-list?

One week ago I was searching for "How to get rid of blackheads" and after I read 2-3 articles I found my solution here: "How to Get Rid of Blackheads: Home Remedies or Korean blackhead Treatments?".

Thanks to this post gained my bookmark.

P.s: let's say that I love to see a blog grow too, like I did with they're roses they'll bloom (an old Italian Proverb).

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