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16 Emotions Every Girl Goes Through On Black Friday

"I would have to starve during Thanksgiving dinner"

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1. Every year I'm convinced shopping is going to be great and then

I get excited to go shopping until all the clothes are ugly

Why are clothes in the girls section of shops always SO UGLY i mean Id wear "girly" clothes if Id like them but

2. I would have to starve during thanksgiving dinner to go try the clothes

3. Sizes are ridiculous in the store. They're either really tiny

Attempted to go clothes shopping but everything was XS and ugly crop tops.

Kids clothes are so slutty now, I stopped shopping in the adult section.

girl: do u not dress slutty bc u have a boyfriend? Me: im single girl: then why do you wear so much clothes Me: because it's cold girl: so?¿


Shout out to the girls that wear inappropriate clothes 👏 y'all the real mvp


Shopping in the boys section because girl clothes are ugly


9. It doesn’t matter the whole store is like a club inside of a cave

“@FillWerrell: Welcome to Hollister would you like a gas mask, flashlight, or earplugs?” #tweenshopping


I wish I could make my own clothes. Shopping can be so unsatisfying and things are ugly and don't fit


14. In the meantime all I know is that no matter if I shop or not, if I like the clothes or, if they fit or not, that’s not on me

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