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      Bullshit you aren’t racist.. you said the things you did after saying you’re not racist.. just great and sadly you are the result of white men not taking control of their women..Iam prejudice to some extent so just admit you are too.. nothing is worse thanaliar. Like mixed race girls and white women are somehow less irresponsible? Coming from you, your ancestors probably oppressed mine esp if you are Anglo Saxon..F you. You want tolerance when it fits you sinceIassume your part of glbt yet you dont like real blacks and some are even part of that movement too.Ican say to you the truth..Idon’t want to live around most blacks, the modern day blacks wreck their neighborhoods at all time highs and many of the young “youths” so to speak are just gangbanging welfare cases.. I’d be tempted to stab one of the fuckers.. however mixed race is not more beautiful than dark skin.. I’m sorry, just isn’t.

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