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    Razvan Mitroi - The New Romanian Rising Talent?

    The Romanian artist, Razvan Mitroi, begins to receive the much-dreamed-of success in his musical career, getting support from everyone, even from the big artists in this industry. While at the beginning of his career, Razvan Mitroi quickly became one of the artists we should look for. With amazing songs like "Summer Vibes", released in 2019, he proved to have huge potential to become a world-known artist. While his fan base was growing day by day, Razvan Mitroi started working on his debut album, which was set to be released in the late Summer of 2020. In early June of 2020, Razvan Mitroi announced via his social media accounts that he will be releasing three promotional singles in the coming weeks until the full release of the album. Released on 22 June 2020, "No More Secrets" was the first single from this album. The tropical vibe and the nice melody made this song to be the perfect one for summer. After releasing "No More Secrets", Razvan posted on his Instagram that he won a music contest with this song, building even more enthusiasm for this album. The second single came out on 6 July 2020 under the name of "Not Alone". While the first song was a happy song, with a melodic vibe, "Not Alone" had a mellow vibe. This song was focused more on the emotional part rather than the melodic vibe. "About Me" was the final single which came out before the release of the album. Released on 31 July 2020, "About Me" quickly became people's favorite song. With beautiful vocals, a relaxing vibe, and the mellow feeling made this song to be a standard Pop song of our time. After the release of these three promotional singles, Razvan Mitroi announced via his social media that the album was going to be released on the 21st of August 2020, under the name of "Last Sunset With You".