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    • giovannierkelens

      ”Trans people are only the latest marginalized group to be actively denied equal access to safe, clean, and secure public restrooms — and, by extension, to equal participation in public life” they are not denied anything, since one can choose freely on which public restroom to use, despite of what you think other people think of trans people. the real problem is the sheer inability of some to make even the simplest decision. and usually these are also the people who think they deserve to be treated as a special person, only because they decide to use a gender identity other than the one they are born with. its actually quite simple, if u are a trans man, use the men’s room. are you a trans woman ? use the women’s room.  simple as that, you can only transition between either the male or female identity, there is no inbetween, and nothing else beyond those, and anyone who thinks so needs serious help.  so summarized, decide what you are. and make the choise according to that decision.

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