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Who Is The Murderer Living In "Riverdale"?

We analyse the suspects of Jason Blossom's murder.

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1. Alice Cooper


It was obvious from the beginning that Alice Cooper had a distaste for the blossom family. I mean, did you catch a look at her face when they pulled poor Jason's body out of the river? There was absolutely no sympathy for the blossoms. As we've seen throughout the past 7 episodes, her distaste for Jason and the blossom family has become more and more evident. The discovery of Polly's whereabouts, and the shock pregnancy and engagement announcement in episode 6 only furthered solidified her motives to kill Jason Blossom. Was it this distaste that drove her to murder Jason? Only time will tell.

2. Hal Cooper


Besides finding out that he was responsible for the stolen Jason Blossom case files scandal, Hal Cooper has been a suspiciously quiet character in Riverdale. It's only in one of the most recent episodes that we've seen him get fired up after Betty questions him over Polly. Not to mention, that we recently discovered that the Blossom's grandfather murdered the Cooper's grandfather. So was this a revenge tactic for a past rivalry? or was he just covering up for someone else? Either way, Hal is currently looking like a top suspect.

3. Penelope and Clifford Blossom


You may be wondering "Why would Jason's parents kill their only son?", and at one time we might have thought that too. However, in light of recent events, it has been discovered that Penelope and Clifford Blossom are not as loving as they seem. In episode 5, in which Veronica stays the night at the Blossom residence before Jason's funeral, we see how mentally and emotionally abusive the Blossom parents are towards Cheryl. Even Cheryl herself claims that the reason Jason had planned to run away was because of their controlling parents. Did Penelope and Clifford Blossom figure out Jason's plans and kill him out of rage? After witnessing these recent events, it's more than possible.

4. Geraldine Grundy


Geraldine Grundy has been a highly suspicious character from the very beginning. It started with her manipulating Archie into not telling the Sheriff about the gunshot they heard on the day of Jason's disappearance. Then, we discovered that her real name was not in fact Geraldine Grundy, and that she keeps a gun in her car, which she claims is for "personal safety reasons". All of these factors come together to build a very suspicious profile. So was it Ms. Grundy who returned to Sweet Water river on July 4th and killed Jason? She might have been forced to leave riverdale, but something tells us that this isn't the last we have seen of Geraldine Grundy.

5. Reggie Mantle


Although he hasn't been in many episodes, Reggie Mantle definitely hasn't been a quiet character. The stereotypical jock, he only cares about football and his popular group of friends. Anyone who doesn't fall under those two categories is an outcast in his mind. Besides being a narcissist though, Reggie has shown signs of aggressive behaviour. For example, in episode 2 himself and Archie fight to be football captain, a title previously belonging to Jason. Is it possible that Reggie killed Jason in an attempt to steal his captaincy? It's a bit far-fetched, but an interesting theory nonetheless.

6. FP Jones


FP Jones has only been around for the past 4 episodes, but already we've witnessed some of his problematic behaviour. Firstly, he has close ties with the notorious riverdale gang, the Serpents, who are known for their shady behaviour. Secondly, we have seen the serious drinking problem he has, and how that has affected Jughead and his family. It's highly possible that FP Jones could've killed Jason as an order from the serpents, or that in a drunken episode, he accidentally killed the poor boy. What is certain is that we can expect to see more of his troublesome behaviour in the episodes to come.

7. Cheryl Blossom


Everyone knows Cheryl was the last person to see Jason, and the fact that she lied about the events that took place the night of his disappearance makes her a top suspect. She claims that Jason faked the river incident in an extreme attempt to escape their parents, but as we've seen over the past 7 episodes there's something more to the twin's relationship that Cheryl isn't telling. Was Cheryl so jealous of the relationship between Polly and Jason that she killed her own brother? What we are certain of is that there is more to these twins than what meets the eye.

8. Betty Cooper


Betty has the whole sweet and innocent town-girl facade down-packed, but she doesn't fool us. After the dramatic dominatrix act she pulled in episode 3 with Veronica and Chuck, we have begun to question Betty's good girl nature. A recent theory that's emerged suggests that Betty might have a dissociative identity disorder and she's actually Polly. This theory comes after that suspenseful scene in episode 3 where Betty refers to herself as Polly and Chuck as Jason. If this is the case, then it's possible that Betty could've killed Jason without realising. So is Betty actually Polly and everyone in town is just playing along for her sake? It may be a false theory what with the recent introduction of Polly's character in episode 6, but we won't know for certain until the last episode.

9. Jason Blossom


We're not suggesting that Jason committed suicide, but there is a chance that Jason faked his own death (maybe even with the help of some accomplices). We have seen glimpses of how abusive and controlling his parents are, so it's possible he faked his own death to escape them. It would be pretty extreme, but quite plausible. So wiill we see the return of Jason Blossom? We'll have to wait a couple more episodes to find out.

Who else do you suspect killed Jason Blossom? Leave your theories in the comments section below.

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