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The Significance Behind The Names Of 10 Major Brands

Nike= Victory. I see what you did there.

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3. Ajax


The brand: Powder Cleanser. Their slogan is "Stonger than Grease" which could be a play on how Ajax was stronger than all of Greece. How punny of you.

The myth: Ajax was a Greek hero renowned for his great strength who fought in the Trojan War.

4. Trojan


The brand: condoms and lubricants

The myth: The Trojan horse featured in Aeneid was a large wooden horse the Trojans carried into their city assuming victory against the Greeks. Greek soldiers were hiding inside and that evening they opened the city gates for the rest of the army which destroyed the city and won the war... so... yeah, maybe they used the name ironically?

5. Sephora


The brand: Cosmetics heaven

The myth: In the Greek Old Testament Zipporah, the beautiful wife of Moses in the Book of Exodus, is translated as Sephora which originates from "sephos" the Greek word for "beauty".

6. Pandora


The brand: internet radio

The history: "Pandora" means "all-giving". Unlike Pandora's box, the service doesn't release evil into the world unless, of course, you've used up all your skips and a song you hate comes on.

7. Fage


The brand: a commonly mispronounced Greek yogurt

The meaning: Fage is a Greek verb for "eat" (Though it's also an acronym for "Filippou Adelphoi Galaktokomikes Epicheiriseis" or "Filippou Bros. Dairy Co.")

8. Doritos


The brand: addictive potato chips

The meaning: While "doritos" doesn't exist, it it said to mean "little bits of gold" derived from the word "dorado" meaning golden in Spanish.

9. Uber


The brand: ride sharing service slowly taking over the world

The meaning: Über is a German word that means "over" "above" and "across." In English it has become synonymous with "super."

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