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    • gingerr3

      I was shocked whenIheard the news that Paula was fired from Food Network because of using the ‘N’ word and wanting to dress people up as slaves forawedding and initially thought, ‘WOW, that can’t be right, Paula would never do that’. Boy, wasIwrong! ThenIsaw the horribly edited video on you-tube and read the court documents…and that’s whenIbecame appalled and disgusted!! Her views on human race and her shear ability to turnablind eye to her employees are just unbelievable to me.Ionce loved and respected Paula Dean, but after reading those court documents,Ifeel like we have all been duped! In my opinion, she deserves what she gets from here on out and if that means financial ruin, time in prison or both, so be it! Personally,Ithink it should be both! But that’s just my opinion.

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