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    • gingerr

      Come on up!!! But before you actually decide there;’s a few things you might wanna know:
      1)Some places can get really cold,but come on up
      2)If you like it on the milder side,move to Vancouver but I must tell you West Vancouver is the most expensive city in the world,you can get several jobs to pay your mortgage,but come on up
      3)If you don’t mind the cold and snow,move pretty much anywhere else
      4)Summer’s can be short,some places lasting maybe a few days,but come on up 5)You have to learn how to say eh,you’ll catch on so come on up
      6)you have to learn how to say,sorry,you will be fine,so come on up
      7)Maybe the most important thing,we’ve PROUDLY recognized same sex marriage since 2005!!!You’ll be fine,come on up,just follow the rainbows and we’ll leave the light on for ya…so come on up!!!
      P.S. Leave your guns as we have gun control,SORRY

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