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That One Time BuzzFeed Got Dyslexia Completely Wrong

check your facts, Kristin Chirico Dyslexia is a problem interpreting written information. That's it.

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Both backward writing and letter reversals are commonplace among children age 6 and younger, not only dyslexic children. These errors decrease over time in both groups of children, although less so among dyslexic children. In addition, most research suggests that letter reversals are only slightly more frequent, and in some studies no more frequent, among dyslexic than non-dyslexic children. Letter reversals also account for only a small minority of the errors that dyslexic children make, so they're certainly not a defining feature of the condition. Finally, although dyslexic children are worse spellers than other children of their age, teachers who've worked extensively with dyslexic children can't distinguish their spellings from those of non-dyslexic, but younger, writers. This finding supports the view that normal children make similar spelling errors to those of dyslexic children, but typically "outgrow" them.
Only about 10% of dyslexics reverse letters.
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