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Weird Facts You Likely Didn't Know

Do you know that when compared to a camel, a rat can last longer without water? Do you know many Silicon Valley celebrities opt for rhinoplasty in San Jose? Do you know that the dot over the letter "i" is actually called a title? If you are already surprised, be ready to be astonished because there are facts that will blow your mind.

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1. Do you cry while peeling onions? Here is a solution. Pick up any random chewing gum and chew it while peeling onions. This will keep you from crying. So, you don't have to cry anymore while peeling onions.

2. Do you enjoy watching the beautiful awards given out at Oscars today? Well, you should know that during World War II, metal was scarce and so, Oscars given out were made of wood at that time. It would have been interesting to know what would have been the reaction of the recipients holding a wooden Oscar in their hand.

3. Effects in movies today are done to speed things up and make the actors look better. However, Bruce Lee was an exception because in his case, the team had to slow the film down to help the audience see his moves properly. If you have seen Bruce Lee alive, consider yourself lucky and share the fact with us.

4. Love cutting down on the calorie count you consume on a daily basis by going on a diet? Well, you have an alternative here in celery. Celery is one item that has negative calories. So, you need more calories to eat celery.

5. We all love watching Charlie Chaplin series, and have been entertaining us for yours now. However, not many people know that Charlie Chaplin once participated in a Charlie Chaplin lookalike contest and he won the third prize. Truth, at times, can be stranger than fiction.

6. Do you use a vehicle to reach your office? If yes, you need to take some inspiration from people in Alaska. Alaska is the state with the highest percentage of people walking their way to work. It would be fascinating to see how many people use vehicles in Alaska. It will also be interesting to see the interest of car manufacturers in Alaska.

7. Love reading novels? You should know that the authors work really hard to not only think about different situations but also writing the story down. It was even more challenging in an era when Tom Sawyer was written because it broke the routine and the author wrote on a typewriter; the first novel to be written on a typewriter.

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