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11 Thoughts Every Girl Has On JSwipe

Where my NJBs at?

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1. Why Hasn't He Messaged Me?


20 matches and no conversations?

Classic case of Jewish Anxiety.

2. How Do We Not Have Mutual Friends?


This can't be right.

What camp did you go to?

When did you go on Birthright?

Are you from New York?

3. Where Are The Rest Of Your Pictures?


You have one picture and it's a large group photo. I am now forced to assume you are the ugly duckling of the bunch.

4. Who Are All Of These Girls In Your Pictures?


Looks like you're already preoccupied.

5. Do I Swipe Right Too Often?


Might as well play the field because you already know the chance of one of them messaging you.

6. Do I Swipe Left Too Often?


I really thought something would've worked out by now.

7. You Again?


I said no already.

8. You Again!


Maybe he accidentally swiped left last time.

Maybe after we matched he got cold feet.

Maybe his message never sent!

This must be fate.

9. He's Willing to Convert?


Let's cut to the chase: you can't love lox overnight and I don't have time to teach you how to light the menorah. Besides, you don't have enough chest hair or allergies to be Jewish.

10. Why Are You Always "Active 5 Minutes Ago"?


So you were recently active but you haven't answered me in three hours? I don't care, but I will be checking periodically enough to know if you're ignoring me.

11. Where'd He Go?


We spoke for five consecutive days. I thought you were my bashert.

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