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Inside The Disastrous Launch Of Australia’s Response To The #MeToo Movement

Revealed: The women behind NOW promised change — but mistakes have plagued Australia’s answer to the #MeToo movement.

Hannah Ryan One day ago

Australian Women Are Paying Hundreds For A Contraceptive That Kiwis Will Get For Free

There are only two types of intra-uterine devices available in Australia and women are paying hundreds of dollars for them.

Gina Rushton 5 days ago

White Ribbon Australia Is Shutting Down After A Difficult Year

The charity, which encourages men to speak out against violence against women, was in the red by more than $840,000.

Gina Rushton 16 days ago

This Politician Survived Child Sexual Abuse. She Says Listening To Anti-Abortion Advocates Was Triggering

"I continued to have a recurring nightmare that I had become inexplicably pregnant and faced ridicule at school and being labelled a slut."

Gina Rushton 19 days ago

Abortion Is Now Decriminalised In New South Wales After Historic Vote

A bill to remove the procedure from 119-year-old criminal law was passed Thursday morning.

Gina Rushton 23 days ago

A Move To Topple Gladys Berejiklian Over Abortion Decriminalisation Was Over Before It Began

Liberal party MPs have labelled the attempted spill “bizarre”, “comical”, “a fizzer” and “a joke”.

Gina Rushton One month ago

These Women Say They Never Chanted "Put The Foetus In The Bin", Despite Anti-Abortion Politicians Repeatedly Saying They Did

"It just did not happen and it is defamatory to say it did," one woman told BuzzFeed News.

Gina Rushton One month ago

We Asked Women Rallying For Abortion Decriminalisation What They'd Rather Be Doing Today

Asking for reproductive autonomy isn't how everyone would most like to spend a sunny day in the harbour city.

Gina Rushton One month ago

This "Sexist" Birth Certificate Form Won't Let Businesswomen And Stay-At-Home Dads List Their Jobs

"On my son’s birth certificate my husband, a stay-at-home father, cannot even list father or househusband as his occupation."

Gina Rushton One month ago

The Delay In Decriminalising Abortion Has Nothing To Do With Public Opinion, Polling Suggests

Exclusive: Polling by the United States Studies Centre shows that current New South Wales abortion laws are “out of step with public opinion”.

Gina Rushton One month ago

Women Are Finding Abortion Flyers In The Mail And Don't Know Who To Complain To

One woman told BuzzFeed News someone got through two security gates to leave a flyer in her letterbox.

Gina Rushton One month ago

Doctors Say Abortion Bill Amendments Require Them To “Interrogate” Women, And Read Their Minds

We spoke to doctors who say the amendments are “redundant”, “offensive” and “unworkable”.

Gina Rushton One month ago

Thousands Of Women Are Being Hospitalised For Endometriosis And Footing The Bill

Hospitalisations for endometriosis are twice as likely to be self-funded as all those for women with other conditions.

Gina Rushton One month ago

What Actually Happens When You Decriminalise Abortion?

These states have all decriminalised abortion but what does that mean for women with unplanned pregnancies?

Gina Rushton 2 months ago

Women Who Have Had Abortions Are Using #ArrestUs To Argue For Decriminalisation

The campaign began the day before abortion decriminalisation legislation is to be debated.

Gina Rushton 2 months ago

Women In The Liberal Party Support Abortion Decriminalisation Too

"We’re unified in our support of the notion of individual liberty and choice."

Gina Rushton 2 months ago

The Bill To Decriminalise Abortion In New South Wales Was Just Introduced To Parliament

MP Alex Greenwich told the parliament he was fighting for decriminalisation on behalf of his late grandmother, who taught him the value of reproductive rights.

Gina Rushton 2 months ago

We Asked Women Why They Were Protesting For Abortion Rights Outside Parliament

Women of all ages gathered outside New South Wales parliament house to rally for the decriminalisation of abortion.

Gina Rushton 2 months ago

This Woman Advertised Her Illegal Abortion In A 1970s Newspaper. She's Been Fighting For Change Ever Since

Decades after she placed an advertisement baiting police to arrest her for an illegal abortion, Wendy McCarthy could see abortion decriminalised.

Gina Rushton 2 months ago

This 119-Year-Old Law That Makes Abortion A Crime Could Be Gone Within A Few Weeks

“It’s hard to think of any other healthcare issue that we treat in the same way as we did back in 1901."

Gina Rushton 2 months ago