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These Australian Swimmers Won Gold Breaking Their Own World Record

"To actually pull it off and do it again it is just unbelievable"

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Brittany Elmslie, Emma Mckeon, and sisters Bronte and Cate Campbell embraced after breaking their own world record.

"In the marshalling room we were trying to relax by singing some songs," Elmslie told the Seven Network.


Bronte Campbell admitted the foursome sung "from the window, to the wall" from the song "Get Low" by Lil Jon and The Eastside Boyz to calm their nerves before the event.

Here's the chorus of Get Low that the Oz women's relay sung before their gold medal winning race #RioOlympics2016

The win took Australia to the top of the medal leaderboard after 20-year-old Victorian swimmer Mack Horton triumphed in his 400m freestyle event.

That medal tally tho #Rio2016 #AUS


Cate Campbell is a member of the Australian women’s 4 x 100m freestyle relay team team that won gold. A previous version of this post incorrectly spelled her name as Kate Campbell.