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The Sex Party Has Made An Anti-Christian Music Video And It's Batshit Insane

"The Vatican can."

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It is bold. It is blasphemous. It is to the tune of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory's The Candy Man.

Australian Sex Party

The Australian Sex Party's gaudy and glittering sing-a-long campaign video is sure to ruffle a few feathers as it accuses religious institutions of getting away with, well, everything.

Australian Sex Party

The party's lead senate candidate in Victoria, Dr Meredith Doig, said the video takes issue with religious institutions that are exempt from paying tax.

Australian Sex Party

"We're talking about cults like scientology and mega-churches like Hillsong, which raked in nearly $80M last year from operations like Hills Christian Centre, Hillsong Technology Services and Hillsong Publishing," Doig said.

"They exploit this tax loophole to run businesses that otherwise would be subject to normal taxation."

It takes aim at the Catholic church's opposition to same-sex marriage ...

Australian Sex Party

... And voluntary euthanasia.

Australian Sex Party

Prime minister Malcolm Turnbull and opposition leader Bill Shorten score a cameo.

Australian Sex Party

While a very chilled Jesus watches the musical spectacle unfold from a cross above an altar.

Australian Sex Party

"It will come as no surprise that our election campaign ad is funny, irreverent, cheeky and well, blasphemous," said Australian Sex Party leader Fiona Patten.

"It highlights our legitimate policy of ensuring that religious institutions in Australia pay their fair share of tax."‚Äč

There is something offensive for all Christians!

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