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Pauline Hanson Told Kyle Sandilands She Can’t Tell If "Asians” Are “Australians”

Please explain.

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Pauline Hanson told radio shockjock Kyle Sandilands that she struggles to tell if some Asian people are Australian just weeks before she was elected to the senate.

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Hanson was in the studio in June for a live interview with the notorious radio star and his co-host, Jackie O.

“A lot of people for a long time though have thought you had a problem with Asians, I don’t know why,” KIISFM co-host Sandilands told Hanson.

"It was because I said in in my maiden speech we were in danger of being swamped by Asians," the leader of far-right party explained.


"And you weren't wrong," Sandilands interjected.

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"I love them but they're everywhere," he said.

"They're lovely people though," co-host Jackie-O interjected.

Hanson assured the presenters many members of her party had "Asian wives".

"Every time you go to an auction in Melbourne it is full of Asians and Australians can't even get a foot in the door to buy housing in their own country," she said.

Pauline Hanson on Asians and the Australian housing market @paulinehansonoz #KJshow #KIIS1065

"Aren't the Asians Australian as well?" Sandilands asked.

"Are they? There's no identification," Hanson replied.

Hanson also told the hosts, who once earned a racism complaint to the Australian Communications and Media Authority for their segment "Wong Number", that she thought Donald Trump was "great".

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"Good on him," she said. "Why are they attacking him? Because they don't want his brand of politics... it is the same here, the more they attack me... is more reason why you should put me in parliament."

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